Friday, August 28, 2009



now, who can remember who said the phrase "a thousand apologies"...?
clue: very funny british sitcom.

anyway, that is exactly what i would like to say to my gentle readers. I have made several new items but due to time constrain i am unable to post any of the pictures yet....even some sold without me being able to take a photo of it!..... i did manage a little bit of time to take the photo of the tournaline nuggets before it was whisked away and even that justice wasn't done because it was taken with no proper lighting and ....ehem...ehem....without background studio feel ...hehehehe but no worries, i received another order for the same style and WILL be sure to take a better snapshot of it kay :)

i also made many many many more bracelets using recently imported in polymer clay beads and chinese crystals under label. these are for now available at the KDE RAMADAN BAZAAR only that pictures are not taken so no postings yet, sorry.

lastly, i would like to say how much i appreciate to those who patiently waits for their orders. Thank you for your support and encouragement AND patience, *hugs :)

xox :)


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