Saturday, May 29, 2010

in2wire CRAFT 3 WORKSHOP - jenny, ani and sharon

Hi everyone!

Today was the final craft sessions  for the month of May 2010. I have successfully completed  5 saturdays back to back beginning 1 st may till today 29th may.
The reason i am very happy is because the support from fellow crafters who make the effort to come and attend the classes thru rain and shine AND traffic jams to be here :)
thank you very much.
Another reason i am very happy is because God has granted me good health and for that i am so grateful that i am able to not miss a single saturday. That was my greatest fear that i may fall sick and not able to attend or cancel classes.
Anyway all is well and looking forward to new craft sessions perhaps sometime in mid July. I will be coming up with new projects for month of July and August so stay tune :)

I will be taking a month long break and hope to see you crafters again in JULY!
take care and happy crafting! :))

oh yes, some pictures to share :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In2wire CRAFT 3 WORKSHOP - carol, allana, tonia

These three beautiful ladies came for craft 3 workshop sessions.
This is Allana and Carol's second craft workshop with me.
As for Tonia (a thousand apologies dear for i believe that i have mispelled your name and steve is not in the country to help me! and i am just guessing here) it is her first craft session with me and during our craft and chit - chat (of course! hehehe) i suddenly feel my love handles jiggling in fear around me knowing that i am in a fitness instructor's company!......i hope "guilt" wasn't written all over my face because i am so guilty of not exercising for the past 6 months at least *sheepish grin :)

It was a totally delightful company to be with and we are thinking of organising a "CRAFT & COFFEE" group session.
Anybody interested to join in? :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010


For craft workshop enquiries, you can contact me at:

In2wire CRAFT 3 WORKSHOP - samantha, cherrie, qian and karen


well done to the crafters in this class. Its not an easy project and they really concentrated on this one. 

The crafters took home the bonus project, and this is by cherrie :)


This i just received from Karen  ......she has been busssssyyy  :))))
and i am one very happy instructor :)


Sunday, May 2, 2010

In2wire CRAFT WORKSHOP - Craft 3

Hi everyone!

We had a great first craft 3 class and everyone was seriously concentrating on their projects as we can see here in the pic. Jessica and haslina has been with me all thru the way from the beginning of my workshops and here i would like to welcome Haiza into the wirecraft world.

It should be a one project workshop and the bonus tutorial as a take home  project BUT everyone was too excited about the second project to wait and do it at home! :)

so we did the techniques for the first project till everyone really understood the mechanics of it and we proceed on to the bonus project.

For the bonus project, crafters get to pick the colors they like....that is the additional bonus to the bonus.......that is why here you can see RED Fantasy (this one is gonna be a brooch), BLUE Fantasy, this is a coiling technique pendant and SILVER GRAY Fantasy with herringbone technique bail.

So here i showcase the projects that we did during class.





Saturday, May 1, 2010



its labour day today and everyone is off on a break...but some of us like yours truly, is not on a break. Many of you supermoms and supergirls out there working 5 days a week and only on saturdays you have the opportunity to catch on with your hobbies and stuff.

I will be having my first class today for the month of may and also the first one for craft 3 project that i am going to introduce today.

This craft 3 project is also the first tutorial that i submitted to JEWELRYLESSONS.COM  and hopefully will be the first of many more to come.

if you are not able to attend  my classes, you can purchase the tutorials online and if you face any difficulties with the tutorials, please do not hesitate at all to contact me at: 

till then, have a good labour day weekend break and tata! :)