Sunday, July 26, 2009


hi frens and fellow bloggers ,

its been such a mixed feelings weekend. Happy, exciting, fun, tiring and sad all mixed into one weekend.

First i met a lovely lady who is back here to KL for the summer holidays from Oman. Met her nice husband too and together with my hubs we went for some "show and tell" with regards to wirework jewelry. we had a nice time and lovely lunch. Thank you to both of them for the lovely company.

Then in the evening had dinner with my family at THAI BBQ. Great dinner and after that my family and i adjourned to The Gardens, mid valley megamall. Spent most of the time at Artfriend, another favourite shop of mine but there was a minor glitch when paying and left me terribly upset.....sabar...sabar...

Later late at night, heard the sad and terrible news of the passing of Allahyarhamah Yasmin Ahmad. A brilliant mind, gone to meet her creator. May her soul rest in peace.

Today, early sunday morning, Irfan woke up with a terrible headache and very high temperature. Hubs took him to the clinic and he slept the whole day. My poor little mousy.

Lastly, i finally completed the order from Sabah and left me very satisfied. I was staring at the Blue heart for hours and hours, its my thing. Its the last piece to be completed and I can sketch like a few hundred ways but if it doesnt doesnt click....and then ...CLICK! found the right combination :)

and now as sunday is slowly disappearing into the dark night, i am already very very tired ....i still have a few more orders to be completed. AS i said to a fren, its not that i dont have enough time....i mean everybody has the equal standard 24 hours....its just that, it bumps me coz i gotta sleep! ;)

so to everyone, hope you all had a great weekend and lets look forward to another great week ahead....and SHA, i am a "workaholic"....and LOVING IT! :)

take care, smile always and.....tata



Sunday, July 5, 2009

NEW and Improved look!

hi everyone,

i have decided to give this site a MAKEOVER ! i have always
loved polka dots and found this really cute serendipity banner.

I have also added more links from other bloggers and i thank
you all who responded. If you like anything on my site or just
want to get more product information, please email me :)

My readers, many noticed that my prices are on the low side.
This is not due to me using inferior quality stones. I assure you
the stones i use are of good quality, but because i forego my
"working" charges for now i am able to sell to you at a very
good price. The prices for now are my INTRODUCTORY price to you as part of my debut program . MY advice
is, grab it while i am still not adding my working charges because
this offer is going to end soon.

so hurry! your order now and it's FREE SHIPPING!! :)

till then...take care and....tata!