Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jedi master's Apprentice :)))))

i would like to introduce my apprentice, obi wan "aisyah" kenobi, trained by master YodaM....hehehehe

seen here, aisyah's very own creation and crafted by herself, THE DRAGONFLY


Friday, August 28, 2009



now, who can remember who said the phrase "a thousand apologies"...?
clue: very funny british sitcom.

anyway, that is exactly what i would like to say to my gentle readers. I have made several new items but due to time constrain i am unable to post any of the pictures yet....even some sold without me being able to take a photo of it!..... i did manage a little bit of time to take the photo of the tournaline nuggets before it was whisked away and even that justice wasn't done because it was taken with no proper lighting and ....ehem...ehem....without background studio feel ...hehehehe but no worries, i received another order for the same style and WILL be sure to take a better snapshot of it kay :)

i also made many many many more bracelets using recently imported in polymer clay beads and chinese crystals under label. these are for now available at the KDE RAMADAN BAZAAR only that pictures are not taken so no postings yet, sorry.

lastly, i would like to say how much i appreciate to those who patiently waits for their orders. Thank you for your support and encouragement AND patience, *hugs :)

xox :)


Monday, August 24, 2009


HI frens! :)

First and foremost, i welcome the holy month of Ramadan with prayers that God will give my family and all muslims worldwide with lots of spiritual fulfillment during their prayers and patience while going thru the fasting "ibadah" during the whole month of Ramadan,amin.

i have set up a booth at KELAB DARUL EHSAN'S RAMADAN BAZAAR. This would be a great opportunity if you would like to view my handcrafted jewelry and also for you to come and get to know me better, the crafter and designer behind :)
Other than some existing pieces , there are also a whole range of NEW jewelry collection that i have not posted on my site yet. So if you can spare some time, do come and see the collection :)
Take care everyone and SMILE ALWAYS! :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i had a VERY long day and for a person who is like the "dan lagi dan lagi dan lagi" battery, today my battery finally ran out! :)

had a great time chatting and wireworking with two new frens from MOLECULE. They are so nice and kind and i have to say...Soo you are so fasih in bahasa! :)

To end a great day is the arrival of my BABIES!

i was thinking of picking a few to keep...but looking them in real....probably i pick only few to sell! hehehehe..... they are so B E A U T I F U L!

anyway.....these will be up for sale. Email me for prices. These stones are EXCLUSIVE PURE TURQUOISE stones cabochon.

happy picking!

take care all and SMILE! :)


Bookings for IN2WIRE Craft wokshop

Hi frens,

I miss doing my wire crafting work so much! but there are so many things to do to prepare for the "in2wire craft" workshop.

Response for my "in2wire craft" workshops is beyond my expectation. As i like to say about this workshop, it is a "knowledge sharing" thing.

For now i have to close bookings for this thursday because it is already full.

Ramadhan is just around the corner and there will be no workshops because i am committed to another event which i will announce soon.

Workshops will resume after Hari Raya . if you are interested, just email me and i will email you the dates and details. so the big kahuna question is, "what will i learn from this FREE "in2wire craft" workshop? :)

well, to find out the answer , come and join my "in2wire craft" workshop!

lets work the wire!



p/s "in2wire craft" workshop is a group event. Individual sessions conducted are more casual and for those who are already well verse in beading and jewelry craft and need to sharpen their knowledge in jewelry making. When making bookings please state which you prefer, group or individual sessions kayy :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Looking Forward to this...

hi everyone,

i have been very busy these past few days packing, tagging, packing, tagging beads, charms, jewelry, tools for readers who will be joining me during our "in2wire craft" workshops of sorts :)

at the same time i am busy tagging my "wire crafts" for an upcoming event and i hope that i will get it all done in time for it. So will keep you all posted N yes.......these babies....PURE turquoise cabochons :)

you like? ME LOVE it!! :)

take care n tata!



p/s anybody interested, please email me ASAP :)