Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In2wire craft workshop: Student's Creation

I just received this and so happy to see the result :)

This is from Alison and you can view her blog at http://mettaville.blogspot.com/
Metta means loving kindness. You can view GREAT photos...and i really mean GOOD because her photos are not just photos but stories captured thru camera lens.

I am glad to know YOU alison and thank you for sharing your blog :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

In2wire craft workshop: Student's Creation

Great work on your first try at wire wrapping!

This is Haslina's second class with me. The first class she learned how to make a spiral bracelet, which i have forgotten to take pictures.....really i must must make the effort to remember that . After few workshops i have done and forgotten to take photos, darling hubby suggested that i ask my apprentice to tag along just so she can take some snapshots coz i will for sure not remember! :)


Girls! You have all been fabulously patient with me and i THANK YOU very much :)

It was good exercise for me  going around and helping with each one of you and it was great to see your  enthusiasm and spirit to do the projects. For some its your first experience doing the wirework craft itself and i would say, great job! :)

Perhaps some of you may find it a little bit difficult at first but don't sweat it. In no time with practice you will master little details like making the spirals, hook and jump rings. As i said to Hui Ping later after class, even for me to master making the jump rings, i practice on one spool of wire! and that is a whole lot of jump rings, about 250pcs of em  :)

as you "let yourself go" into the craft, you will notice how easy things will get soon after and in no time you will be creating your own creation. I know we all want to do it right, but even for me its always still a learning process and as time pass by, you will just get better and better. 

This craft will define the meaning of patience and your patience will be paid off with a beautiful piece of jewelry handcrafted by you. 

Take care and smile always :)



During the workshop, each student received one Box containing printed color tutorials, 2 spool of wires, one beadbox containing some choices of beads for you to work and as a bonus if you noticed, you have more crystal donuts to work on for few more extra creations for intermediate class and for the elementary class i have added on two extra glass beads with different color choices :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the first 10k mark :)

hi everyone,

my website's meter accumulate faster that my car meter and oredi overtake it! my car's mileage just touch 7045k since i got it in december 2007.....and my site started to get active sometime in april 2009....wow....means i "drive" lagi banyak kat sini then on the road! :)))

thanks everyone for the support just by taking your precious time to visit my site...

take care.... and see some of you this saturday at beading.com.my :)