Wednesday, October 5, 2016

....and it has begun again! Woooohooo!

What you will learn from BEGINNER WORKSHOP session?

1. All about tools

2. All about wires

3. Basic techniques

4. 3 projects! - Bracelet, - pendant or hijab pin, - ring

Students are welcome to choose their own bead choices and color scheme for their jewellery set from my bead bar filled with gemstone beads, crystals, fresh water pearls, shell pearls, glass and acrylic beads. 

Seats are limited. 

To book pls, whatsapp to 0162089430, anytime and i will reply As soon as i can.

To view past students work, pls view here:



Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wire workshop 25th April 2016

Wire jewellery making class (regular tutorial class module since 2009) is back in session after a long hiatus!

Its been a long time since i taught these designs. I m planning to have regular sessions back soon commencing in mei in my OWN teaching space 😃, God willing...please.

Works are underway and it will be conducted at whimsicalnquirky craft house in the whimsicalnquirky sun room (WITH AIR CONDITIONING DEFINITELY!) with glass panelling all around for natural light and view of the garden ☺️

The intention is not just for wire jewellery classes but for other crafts as  well like making dream catchers, crochet, basic stringing jewellery making and more!

The last time i felt this excited was when i received my first online sale!

Cant wait! ☺️