Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life is like a box of chocolates.....

Hello everybody,

Is life really like a box of chocolates?  if you happen to like everything chocolate...say chocolate with nuts, chocolate with raisins...plain chocolate, dark chocolate...then i guess anything that you pick out from the box will always be a gud thing. BUT what if you only like milk chocolate and ONLY that?

i know the saying means that "you will never know what you will get"  and its right. You can pick one and it can be something you like or something you just hate...and can get chocolates with maggots!..and that must be the down low part of life.

Last week, had several things going that is like a box of chocolates. Two people that i had the privilege of knowing passed away within days of each other and both died of cancer. They were both young and i hoped they had lived their life as they wanted and made good of it. I  always hear the saying, LIFE IS SHORT.  i on the other hand, believed that life is as long as you lived it. Its never too short if you live your life by doing things that you love and do it good.

My son was also hospitalised last week for about a week. He is already discharged but recovery is pretty slow but we know that he will be ok. After hearing some  sad news of frens dying young, his recovery is definitely something we are so thankful to God.

AND as icing to a cupcake for this week ending,  i received a LOVELy surprise from a perfectly friendly stranger whom i made frens with recently thru my site. She took the trouble to send to me lovely lovely beads that she purchased recently and its all the way from Sarawak. THANK YOU to you, who has been so kind and thoughtful. May God bless you  and may your kind heart stay true and happy always :)

Its 4.05am. I know its late, but there are just so many things to do. Time will never wait for us. Once its past its past. So we have to find the time or make time for whatever we want to do. Even though its late, I am happy that i am able to complete one project that i have been saving for quite awhile just so i can concentrate and to pour in more of artistic idea into it and i hope it shall be well received :)

till then... take care  :))



  1. I'm sure he will recover well soon!!

    I like what you said:

    "Its never too short if you live your life by doing things that you love and do it good."

    I totally agreed with you, especially the last few words - "do it good".

    Take k!

  2. thanks steve :)

    and take care too...