Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jasmin's Crafty Mind

Not to be left behind, aisyah's sister JASMIN.
Jasmin is only 9 years old, but obviously VERY ambitious. She wants to be just like her big sister and mum and proudly crafted these two rings [with one more coming up soon] as part of J's Ring Triology :)  by applying the circle of life wrapping method i taught her earlier.

I love to do art and craft with my kids because it encourages them to  think. I encourage them to come up with something new and creative.

Jasmin decided to make it into a pendant to give to her cousin sha sha as a birthday present :)


  1. If you can come out an educational programme How Wirework Craft can improve a child's creativity, mentallity, EQ, IQ, Relationship with Parents...bla bla bla..... the business opportunity is endless :)

  2. hi steve,

    art and craft does help.that is why in every education system, there is some form of art and craft subject . Sometimes, children feel more comfortable expressing how they really feel thru art. HOW WIREWORK can improve...twisting the wires themselves help because to do wire wrapping they need to count, also encourage them to be bold and "think outside the box " ....hmmm....will do some research about this. thanks for the input :)

  3. You are definitely the right person to do some thinking, research, testing and observation.... as you have 3 kids, DO RE MI :)

    me kosong!

  4. how cute! ....let me try calling them Do Re & Mi....and knowing my kids.....DO....wants to be RE and RE dont want to be DO and MI...will refuse to give up MI.....hehehe complicated huh?

    i love research...and my kids will roll their eyes and say..."ok mum...whats next, you know we are not lab rats right? " hehehehe