Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In2wire CRAFT 3 WORKSHOP - carol, allana, tonia

These three beautiful ladies came for craft 3 workshop sessions.
This is Allana and Carol's second craft workshop with me.
As for Tonia (a thousand apologies dear for i believe that i have mispelled your name and steve is not in the country to help me! and i am just guessing here) it is her first craft session with me and during our craft and chit - chat (of course! hehehe) i suddenly feel my love handles jiggling in fear around me knowing that i am in a fitness instructor's company!......i hope "guilt" wasn't written all over my face because i am so guilty of not exercising for the past 6 months at least *sheepish grin :)

It was a totally delightful company to be with and we are thinking of organising a "CRAFT & COFFEE" group session.
Anybody interested to join in? :)

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