Sunday, October 4, 2009

work in progress

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HI everyone! :)

just to keep you all updated with what i have in store for you right after i am done with my project. Other than busy with the project that i will announce soon, i am in the mids of several other projects planned till end of this year.

As we go thru our life, i am sure we will always remember our first love, first car, first house, first of everything. When i made my first online sale, i can remember feeling very excited, nervous, scared about my customer's reaction all rolled into one huge ball bouncing around the pit of my stomach and chest. Sort like falling in love, right? hahaha

ok, Today i am making another first. My first export. A contact i made online who is now a very good fren and online chat partner, has given me the task of finding beads and stones for her own growing business overseas. I just love shopping, especially when using other people's expense account! All the beads and stones packed and i am sending it onto her way soon :)

Moving on to the pics i have uploaded here, these are still works in progress and to be completed and launched into my blog just before NEW MOON, sometime in november. Yup this collection is a follow up from the TWILLIGHT series. I am still playing around with the beads and design, so we will see what will actually emerge from my head :)

till then, thank you for your continuous support and keep a close watch for the next big thing coming soon :)


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  1. Cooool.....I'm a HUGE fan of the Twilight Saga. Can't wait for the next sequel...Can't wait for your New Moon collection :) as well. All the best.